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I am a fantasy fan first and foremost! I will, however, read anything interesting as long as its not crime fiction. I never go anywhere without a book/ebook!

The Hero of Ages - Brandon Sanderson Much too emotionally drained right now but i hope this review is still understandable.

Sanderson finished the trilogy with fireworks, twists in every chapter, and the ending, so emotion evoking and somewhat painful for a reader who'd grown attached to every character, significant or not. Yet i think it was a very good ending. Also, every small detail that i can think of was addressed, there were no loose ends.

I would not have been as satisfied with a completely happy ending, it would have taken away from the harsh reality that Sanderson had reinforced so strongly in his world. The logic of the ending also seems to fit for me. I can't see how it could've been any other way and still worked out just as perfectly.

There were some little flaws, but nothing that stayed in my mind for too long. From the beginning of the book to the end, there was action of some sort unlike the other 2 books which were somewhat slow for the first half. The faster pace helped make it easy to get through the dauntingly large number of pages.

This book is definitely 5 stars .

I can see myself rereading this series in the future. But for now i might check out the 4th instalment, though sadly i know the characters will be different.