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I am a fantasy fan first and foremost! I will, however, read anything interesting as long as its not crime fiction. I never go anywhere without a book/ebook!

Son of the Shadows - Juliet Marillier {Spoilers}

This book was 4 stars until near the end where Liadan saves Bran who has a fatal head wound, using love. Then the next day and the days after he's all good again, barely ill at all. Miracle!
I know this is fantasy and magical but it still needs to be believable. Emotional healing doesn't equal physical healing. It was all just a bit too sappy in comparison to the rest of the book which was balanced.

All the same, i'll be nice because i really enjoyed Liadan's character who was a huge improvement on the annoying Sorcha. 3.5 stars. Rounding it to 4.