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The Alloy of Law - Brandon Sanderson {Spoilers}

First off, i am still very annoyed that Lessie died. I had in my mind during that first chapter that these two characters, Wax and Lessie, would be like how Mare and Kelsier were... little did i think Sanderson would end their story much in the same way. Sigh.
So, because of that i found it hard to warm to Marasi and the hints at a future love story between her and Wax. Plus, the 20 year age difference is a little much.

Wayne is without a doubt my favourite character in the novel. He made it a funny, light-hearted and unemotional read. I don't think Sanderson wanted this book to be like the first 3 Mistborn books, i think he just wanted to show a preview of how the world had changed since Vin and Elend and have a bit of fun exploring it with a western approach. I was hesitant because i've never been a fan of western stories but the mixture of fantasy and magic made it o.k. for me.

I did think there could have been more character development, like with Ranette, a character i liked but felt i didnt know much about. But i think Sanderson is planning to do that in future books.

Overall i thought it was pretty good and the characters were all interesting though not particularly deep like those of the previous books. I loved the references and Sazed's appearance as Harmony. Spooks eastern slang having become a proper and sophisticated language gave me a good laugh too.
Lastly, Marsh!! He was a nice surprise, and the way he slid into the story is fitting i think. I'm glad there's one of the old characters to look forward to.

4 stars.