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Child of the Prophecy - Juliet Marillier {Spoilers}

Bah, this book was just irritating. I skimmed through all the nonsense and repetition, which was basically the whole book and i kept waiting for something or anything unexpected and interesting to happen. I was disappointed.

The ending scenes were badly written. I wanted more magic since the story was based on Fainne's powers but instead, the final 'battle' was a fight of words.

Seriously? These are 3 powerful sorcerer's and thats the best we get?

It was just not well done and it had so much potential. Marillier rambled on about unnecessary details and i found i just could not read every word or i knew i'd never finish the book.

I loved the idea of Darragh's character, though he was not executed well at times. Fainne's character was great, conflicted but perceptive and somewhat believable. I didn't feel the emotion at the end of the book with their relationship. It didn't feel real and i was disappointed with that because the relationships of the characters in the previous books were well written.

It wasn't that great and i was constantly disappointed especially towards the end so it only gets 2 stars from me.