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I am a fantasy fan first and foremost! I will, however, read anything interesting as long as its not crime fiction. I never go anywhere without a book/ebook!

Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James Didn't finish it, don't intend to.
It was just plain awful. I skimmed the middle and the end after i realised i would not be able to finish it (at about 9 chapters in i gave up) and from what i skimmed, it gets so much worse.

Don't recommend it to anyone at all, in fact i urge you NOT to pick up this trash, even if its just to curb your curiosity like it was for me. Its not worth it.

In particular, i am absolutely sickened by the way James tried to rationalise abuse. While reading that part i was just horrified by the thought of women worldwide reading this.

Ladies, let me tell you this. Abuse is NEVER okay.
It is not okay for your partner to have control over you, hurt you, stalk you or just generally decide and rule your life, especially when you don't want that.
This book is a load of shit and i sincerely hope you will discredit it as much as i have myself.

I am really disappointed that this trash is apparently being made into a movie. The less people who make contact with it, the better humanity will be.

0 stars I recommend you read something of quality instead of this.


Though she leaves him at the very end, the fact that she put up with him for so long is strong in my mind and also, the fact that there are sequels to this book hints a reconciliation. So i'm not going to take that final scene of her reclaiming some of her control into any account.