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If You Could See Me Now - Cecelia Ahern {Spoilers}

Would have given it 4 stars but there were some things that left me unsatisfied at the end. We never found out what happened to Elizabeth's mum, or sister really, and it was an... uncertain ending. There wasn't even much for us to go off to imagine Elizabeth's future, all we know is that she's found a way to be happy. Also with Ivan, it didn't seem like much changed for him at all. His job is still all he has, and although he didn't make the same mistakes as Opal, the last few paragraphs make it seem like he still loves and thinks of Elizabeth. So the ending was somewhat the same as Opals' for him.

So i felt it was more of a bittersweet ending than what Ahern was aiming for. The sweet part was only with Elizabeth finding peace, everyone else was still virtually in the same place (or worse) as before.

Its obvious Saorise is too important to Elizabeth for her to just be okay with her disappearing like her mother but thats what Ahern makes it out to be. I was expecting something better to happen with her, because we're left still not knowing whats going on in her head and making her act the way she does.
I can think of many other issues i had with the uncertain ending we got but i think i've made my point already.

Ignoring the bad things, i still really enjoyed the book. It was very innocent but still delved deep and i found myself feeling connected to Elizabeth's character. I loved Ivan's childishness. It was refreshing.

I'm usually okay with sad or neutral endings but i really hoped for a happy one for Elizabeth. All the same, i think it fits that she and Ivan couldn't stay together.

3.5 stars