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Iced - Karen Marie Moning Spoiler-ish

I've been avoiding reviewing any KMM books for a while because i can't discuss the good without discussing the bad. I feel the need to say that i had a few issues with this book (and a couple with the previous Fever books).
The pretty obvious first one was the fact that basically all the main male leads are stalkers! And/or extremely creepy! Christian, Ryodan+gang, Barrons... i'm sure i'm missing some too. They are also occasionally needlessly violent towards the female leads. In this book, Dani who is still quite young.
The second big one, which only applies to Iced thankfully, is the fact that Dani is 14 and all the male leads trying to own and claim her for themselves are A LOT older than her. She is still a kid, it is not okay for these older males to be sexualizing her like that.
All i can say is thank god for Dancer. I am cheering for you 'dude'!
But seriously, i get that the story is heading towards a Ryodan/Dani coupling and so all i hope is that when Dani grows older, KMM allows her first to be with her fellow teen, Dancer, who she is comfortable and enjoys being with (hurray!). Then she can go make bad decisions and end up with the creepy (but funny, ill admit) Ryo.

I'm still a fan of the series simply because KMM is a good writer and i like the setup of her world. The plots are interesting and different, the humour is really great and the characters are mostly consistent and entertaining. I love Dani's character and i am interested to see how she will grow. I will miss the constant "feck"'s and "dude"'s when she does grow up. I'm sure they were incredibly annoying to most other readers but i actually didn't mind them myself lol.

I am curious as to what Moning is planning to do with the story for the next book as the Ice Monster is now gone. Iced was great storyline wise - not too complex, but not overly simple, and with a ton of humour so i will be definitely looking out for book 2 of Dani's story.

3 Stars