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I am a fantasy fan first and foremost! I will, however, read anything interesting as long as its not crime fiction. I never go anywhere without a book/ebook!

The Well of Ascension - Brandon Sanderson {Spoilers if you haven't read the first novel}

The first half of the book lagged at parts, had many repetitive sequences and was slightly annoying. The intrigue and build up was enough that i kept my interest and did not get bored enough to stop reading. I think there was too much politics and slyness for my like, not enough action.

The thing that irritated me the most i think, was the constant references to Kelsier. Come on, he is gone. So either bring him back or shut up about him. Jeez.
I did miss his character though, i think if Sanderson had somehow kept him alive, the first half of book 2 wouldn't have suffered so much inaction.

The second half of the book however, is when things really kicked off. I was so absorbed, i lost hours of sleep reading into the night. The final few chapters of the book were excellent and had some great twists that had me going "oh my gosh" and "ohh no!" quite a lot. It also very subtly tied up loose plot lines and characters.

I loved Sanderson's writing style and the way he kept changing from each characters perspective. It added a lot to the storyline and allowed me to connect with the characters and understand their thoughts.

For the first half of the book, it loses a star but i think overall the book was great enough that it deserves 4 stars.

Onto the final book now. I'll be sad to leave these characters behind, especially Vin, who is an amazing lead character.


I'm not quite sure how i feel about Elend's allomancy at this point but i'm thinking maybe its necessary for whatever Sanderson's planned for book 3. As i was reading, i thought it was unnecessary and honestly, i was slightly disappointed. I liked that at least one of the main characters relied on normal talents only.
Hopefully it works out next book.