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The Way of Kings - Brandon Sanderson {Spoilers}

I really loved a lot of things about this book. It was incredibly creative, the characters were great, the story and world were richly detailed, and above all I never found myself bored even though it was over a thousand pages long!

I loved Kaladin and Syl. Syl was lovely, she reminded me of Tinkerbelle (minus the nastiness) and I enjoyed seeing her growth in the book.
My only complaint about Kaladin is that he was almost too perfect, too good. Heroes should have flaws too.
Jasnah was another great character though we didn’t see nearly enough of her than I’d have liked. I think instead of just having Shallan’s POV, I would have loved an occasional chapter from Jasnah’s POV. Shallan irritated me sometimes with her stream of never-ending guilt and worry.

One of the major problems I found in this book was repetitiveness. I couldn’t count the number of bridgeruns that were detailed, or how many times Dalinar discussed whether or not he was nuts, and then later his thoughts about stepping down in case he became completely nuts.
The bridgeruns were never really boring, but there was just no need for that many of them. A lot of time I was thinking “Is this necessary for the central storyline?”, and I was right, they weren’t all necessary. Fun to read, but not necessary. The book really didn’t need to be as long as it was. It would’ve benefitted from another round of editing.

I was slightly disappointed with the Sadeas plot. I thought that it was made very obvious from the start that Sadeas was a bad guy (come on, he basically shoves hundreds of defenceless people in front of deadly arrows on a near daily basis!) so when he betrayed Dalinar it wasn’t the ‘omg twist!’ for me that I think Sanderson was aiming for.
What I did find to be a great twist was with King Taravangian not being the nice, thoughtful king we all dismissed as a pushover. Loved that!
I also loved the Parshmen reveal! The whole book I was thinking they were like the Ood of Roshar or something and i was feeling sorry for them, so it was a lovely little twist to discover that they are more like the Daleks! (lol)

I have high hopes for book 2! I noticed there were stories within stories forming in this book, which is something I love to see when starting a 10 book long series. A strong start and a great foundation to build upon.
Looking forward to the next book coming out at the end of the year!

3.5 Stars.